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Encouraging real understanding through communication. Providing human interaction for a positive outcome

Technology is great – but it can be a poor partner when people, perceptions and perspective are paramount in a decision-making process. Whether as a job seeker, an employer or an entrepreneur, when it comes to careers or the creation of a business nothing is more important than hands-on interaction with real people. 

Today, in the world of business, management and recruitment services especially, so much emphasis is placed on the use of technology that we tend to overlook the essential elements that make effective relationships work – the physical act of personal communication, assessment and intuition. “The Personal Touch” and empathy; an understanding of specific cultures and unique backgrounds; the intelligence of life that only a human can accumulate through experience. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is amazing – but it’s exactly that; artificial. It cannot compete with real human intellect.

Finding the right employment, offering a job to somebody or starting your first business are all life-changing events. In all cases, finding the right role for your circumstances, selecting the right person for a position within your organisation or agreeing terms with the best potential partner for your project, it is imperative that there is a mutual understanding between both parties and that an easy flow of communication exists to ensure long-term success. Computers cant do this. Only people can.

Algorithms, analytics, psychometrics and software are all very clever and they have an indispensable role to play, but they should never replace the experience and physical human input that is crucial in selecting a new job, a new employee or a new business venture.

DWR Expatriate and Senior Executive Search Services is committed to providing not only the personal approach that is now so absent in modern recruitment practices, but also to the traditional and proven methods that have worked for generations. Global reliance on technology that has led us to believe we are more productive, has instead inevitably resulted in delay, confusion and reduced efficiency. The exchange of a human for a program is not always the best solution and can never be an effective alternative to a full recruitment process that is managed by real people and based on human interaction as opposed to computer-generated actions incapable of compassion, empathy and human judgement. 

The same is true when it comes to setting up a business – only you can envisage your dream and only another human can share it, appreciate it and help you achieve it. DWR Business Start-up Consultancy Services provide the genuine human interaction that all new entrepreneurs require when beginning their journey as a business owner. The technology and all its many real advantages come later and must certainly be incorporated into the “Business Plan”, but first – you need a human to help you, with whom you can effectively communicate and who can truly understand how you think.

The reality is that the more we depend on robots to do our work, the more work we generate for ourselves. And the less satisfactory the outcome!

DWR are humans and we know how humans work!

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