Less Reliance on Technology and More Emphasis on Understanding

Expatriate & Senior Executive Search

The relationship between Britain and Ghana is a strong and established one. The continuing growth in trade and commerce gives rise to the need for specialist skills and experience across a wide and varied spectrum of industry and sector. To be able to react effectively and identify the best and most appropriate talent, employers need a partner with direct experience and understanding of the specific profile and character of candidates that match the equally specific profile of Ghana. 

DWR has a long history of living and working in Ghana, knows the business climate intimately and has the highest developed understanding of how to attract, refine and provide the caliber of candidate best suited to the requirements of the role and from which both the employer and employee will gain maximum benefit and long-term mutual productivity.


With its emphasis on personal interaction and communication, direct contact and the development of a deep understanding of employer culture and candidate background, DWR offers a distinctly different service to other agencies that rely solely on software and algorithms to select CV’s and who shortlist candidates from predefined keywords. DWR argues that if an employer requires a human to undertake a particular function within their organisation, then it deserves and demands that a human manages the process of finding them.

Likewise, somebody engaged in a change to their employment and, often, to their location needs to satisfy themselves that the potential new employer and their new environment is right for them, for their future and offers a firm foundation for a long-term, beneficial employer/employee relationship. 

DWR Expatriate and Executive Search is committed to a recruitment process that attaches as much importance to the background, life-experience and character of their candidates as they are to the requisite qualifications they may be required to possess. Accordingly, we apply equal relevance to developing an understanding of the culture, history and ethos of the employing company as we do to the fundamental requirements of the role they are seeking to fill.

Candidates and companies are all unique; they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The trick is in finding the best match that can exploit those strengths and together build a solid working relationship that converts those weaknesses into further strengths. To achieve this and identify the best candidate, the power of communication and understanding is far greater than anything offered by an app. And the benefits of hands-on traditional recruitment far outweigh the risks of relying on software to find and filter a human’s hidden skill-set. A skill-set that might just be exactly what the employer needs!