DWR Expatriate and Senior Executive Search was created in direct response to a clear and immediate demand in the market for a professional and conscientious provider of recruitment services for organisations based in, concerned with or dedicated to business in Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa.

The expanding economy and the steady increase in trade in these markedly different marketplaces requires specific and specialised understanding of the culture, history and challenges; a provider with long exposure to these territories, with extensive experience of life, living and working in West Africa; and a natural empathy with the dynamic of employer and employee relationships.

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DWR offers a transparent and straightforward service with a simple approach to the way it operates and a simple philosophy that governs the productive relationship it has with clients and candidates alike: Communication, understanding and intuition.

The DWR objective is equally simple: To rely more on human input than on computer generated data when deciding on a candidate’s suitability for a role. To use communication rather than software, common sense instead of multiple-choice psychometric tests, and understanding as opposed to guesswork.

DWR believes that by being fully acquainted with a company or organisation’s individual situation, culture and needs together with our candidate’s individual background, history and life-experiences we offer a more comprehensive and, importantly, a more cost effective, valuable and long-lasting professional recruitment service. Combine the DWR approach and philosophy with the background, understanding and intimate knowledge it has of life and business in Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa, the service offered to both our clients and our candidates is a much needed and appreciated one for the current times.

Pricing Policy

In line with the policy of DWR to be transparent and straightforward, the traditional approach to the way we provide our services and our continual commitment to professionalism in a competitive market, the pricing and cost of the services are complication-free, easy to understand and flexibly calculated.

Due to our size and structure, our clients appreciate our ability to keep their recruitment and outsourced costs to a minimum and they respond well to our willingness to always consider their needs on an individual, case-by-case basis.

Please note: We do NOT make any charges or apply any fees whatsoever to candidates for any of our recruitment services.