DWR welcomes contact and enquiries from:
1. Companies or organisations requiring assistance with executive and senior executive expatriate positions that they might be struggling to fill
2. Expatriates and executives/senior executives seeking a new role in Ghana or West Africa or those considering their first job overseas.
3. Diaspora (Senior Executive level) interested in returning to Ghana or West Africa to work
4. Entrepreneurs considering starting their own business (in either the UK, Ghana or both) and in need of initial start-up advice, strategy advice, business plan consultancy or a review of their existing business plan.
DWR is fully committed to Diversity and Equal Opportunity. We actively oppose ALL forms of discrimination in the workplace, in the recruitment process or in any aspects of the services we provide. We are committed to gender equality and to representing everyone regardless of their nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or lifestyle choices, disability, colour or age. This commitment to global equality is central to the beliefs of DWR and our operational policies. 
General Enquiries – [email protected]
Tel UK: +44 (0) 7835 396349
Tel Ghana: +233 (0) 202 800 466