Dominic Ryan, Managing Director

Dominic’s relationship with West Africa started in Sierra Leone in 1985 and continues today with his long history of living and working in Ghana since the late 1990’s. Over his business life, he has created, managed and owned recruitment and executive search companies operating in Europe and, more recently, between the UK and Ghana. Importantly, his broad exposure to a range of other industries and sectors encountered during his international career have afforded him a perspective and approach that his clients deeply value and benefit extensively from.

As an experienced consultant with a background which, in addition to full recruitment services, includes founding and running businesses with a global presence in the fields of financial services, manufacturing, hospitality, technology and sales, his expertise and knowledge are an invaluable asset to any organisation with executive vacancies to fill or start-up companies in need of advice and guidance.

In all matters, his attention to communication and relationship building transcends reliance on just software and pre-programmed algorithms to cater to a company’s unique requirements. Preferring instead to rely on more traditional, effective and proven methods of recruitment and business processes, Dominic is no Luddite, but the results he obtains for his clients through this traditional style of practice always achieve a more timely, affordable and successful outcome for projects with which he is involved.

Greg Kwadjo Okyere, Director

Recipient of the prestigious 2021 Ghana Style Award for Best Photographer, Greg is most widely recognised as one of the country’s most sought-after professional photographers and gospel music promoters. He launched his studio and services in 2016 and today enjoys an enviable position nationally, garnering respect from all those he works with.

Appointed a Director of DWR Business and Management Services in 2020, as country representative, he is often the first point of contact and in recent times has taken on more and more direct involvement with the expansion and marketing of its range of executive search and business consultancy services.

Focused, astute and conscientious, Greg can be depended upon to deliver an outstanding service with his keen attention to detail, comprehensive communication abilities and commitment to any given project. His technical talents are the perfect complement to the traditional methods employed by the company and working in close tandem with the Managing Director, helps ensure that the results of all executive search campaigns result in positive, long-lasting and successful outcomes.