We apply as much importance to the candidate as we do to the client. If a working relationship is to be successful and productive, it must be based on shared knowledge, commitment and understanding from the outset.
One of the major ways that DWR differs from other recruitment companies is our approach to the selection process. Unlike others in the executive search sector, DWR does NOT insist that a candidate condenses his or her career, life experience and accumulated skills into a three page CV. Neither do we subscribe to the notion that a recruiter only has two minutes to read a CV and make a life changing decision for somebody based on modified criteria and key words dictated by pre-programmed algorithms. 
Candidates, especially those at a senior level who have a long and important work history, deserve to have their backgrounds studied and taken into full consideration as an imperative and initial part of the recruitment process.
For a successful placement to be of equal value to both the employee and the employer, communication and openness are paramount. DWR works hard to develop the best foundation for an effective relationship that will ultimately benefit both parties to the maximum extent. And there is no better start than knowing a candidate's FULL experience, varied career record and level of industry exposure .
We therefore invite and encourage submission of comprehensive CV's and accompanying Cover Letters that provide more information rather than less and which enable us to begin the process of understanding you and your talents, appreciating your unique experience and matching your particular circumstances to that of an employer most in need of your specific background.

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