If you are struggling with writing your CV, this article offers some extra insight.

Although a CV is an essential requirement when applying for a job, in most cases it is a document that virtually all recruiters will merely scan for key words and phrases. So, certainly your CV needs to stand out as much as possible and catch the attention of the reader.

However, DWR Expatriate & Executive Search, unlike other recruitment companies does NOT insist that candidates submit abbreviated career summaries or expect them to condense their work history, experience and background into a 3 page document!

DWR believes that EVERY candidate is unique and therefore deserving of attention.

If a candidate spends hours writing a CV then it is only correct that a recruiter spends the required time reading it! Sure, time is precious and recruiters are often under tight deadlines, but candidates are MORE precious!

DWR encourages candidates to submit their FULL career history and provide as much information on their life, career, aspirations and skills as possible. We want to KNOW our candidates as well as our clients.

Because the whole purpose of a recruitment company is represent BOTH the employer AND employee.

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