An Introduction to Dominic Ryan, Founder and MD of DWR – Ghana, Nigeria & West Africa

Dominic Ryan is the Founder and Managing Director of DWR Expatriate & Executive Search – Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa.

Dominic has a close relationship with West Africa that goes back to 1986 and with #Ghana especially since 1999. His background, experience and understanding of both the recruitment sector and the business climate in this region places his company in a valuable (and perhaps even unique) position able to supply a comprehensive range of executives and senior personnel to all industries, sectors and organisations. He has a very substantial and current database of candidates from Ghana, #Nigeria, the West Africa region and internationally and can source executives that few companies have the reach or ability to do themselves.

DWR can search for and provide appropriate personnel from various talent pools:

  •  Local, qualified candidates,
  • Suitable applicants from the professional African diaspora that want to return to work in their home country,
  • And, if the position requires it, expatriate applicants internationally.

Dominic is available to assist all companies, #HiringManagers and #HR Directors in the best possible way, at a competitive cost for the levels of service he provides and with a view to a long-term working relationship that promotes solid communication, attention to detail and the traditional methods of executive search that achieve the consistently excellent results you need, and the quality personnel you rely on, to manage your business effectively.

It is worth noting that, unlike most other recruitment providers in Ghana/West Africa, DWR Executive Search is NOT a contingency agency nor merely a commission-based CV referral service. The services offered by Dominic are that of a professional executive search consultant – he works with a limited number of clients or assignments at any one time and provides his skills on an exclusive and bespoke basis only. As such, the level and quality of candidate that he supplies is of a higher standard and the work he undertakes is more focused, dedicated, and effective.

With over 30 years’ business experience dealing in executive recruitment both in Africa and internationally, you can be assured that the knowledge and understanding he brings to any recruitment campaign is welcomed by clients who seek a more personalised, efficient and long-lasting solution to their executive workforce requirements and hence a more long-term cost-effective outcome.

As well as reviewing the DWR website below, you might also want to check Dominic’s LinkedIn page to review his background and business experience.

DWR Expatriate & Executive Search, UK-West Africa

Ghana Tel: +233 (0) 202 800 466

Email: [email protected]

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