The 3 Key Traits companies need to look for when hiring new Tech Talent

Beyond the qualifications, there are three important qualities that companies and their HR should look for (ideally through a professional Executive Search provider) to ensure the vacancy is filled by best person for the role:

COLLABORATION: Teamwork, communication and cross-functional understanding are all critical attributes that help ensure tech teams and their projects succeed. Seek candidates that can demonstrate the essential ability to interact as much with clients and stakeholders as with colleagues. Skills in the sharing of knowledge, processing feedback and encouraging input from everyone around them are all major factors when considering a candidate for a tech vacancy.

PROBLEM SOLVING: Changes in Tech are inevitable, but it is change that opens the door to opportunity and hence a chance to stand out in your market. Companies therefore need to find individuals with highly developed problem-solving skills who are capable of addressing complex issues with a logical approach. Able to analyse and understand a challenge, and to break it down into its constituent parts, a candidate must possess an analytical mind.

ADAPTABILITY – With technology evolving and changing at an astonishing rate, companies and their IT/tech teams need to be constantly adapting and keeping on top of critical change and development. It is imperative therefore when filling new tech positions that you identify candidates with a natural desire to learn and who thrive in an atmosphere of constant and dynamic change. Adapting to new technologies, methodologies, and market shifts, and employing both a proactive and reactive response to change will help keep your business competitive, strengthen your market positioning, and maximise customer/user satisfaction.

As well as matching qualifications to a client’s vacancy and its specifications, a professional provider of Executive Search accords equal consideration to the character and hidden abilities of a candidate. A Job Description, although essential, can only do so much. It can state the requirements of the role, but the hiring process is enhanced to an enormous degree by engaging with an experienced and professional Executive Search provider who can delve beyond the basics of the role and deliver a candidate who also brings the right attitude, approach and mindset.

Of course, aside from the Tech sector, the services supplied by DWR apply equally to all vacancies, roles and disciplines in all business sectors across Ghana, Nigeria and West Africa.

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