Good News! For HR, Hiring Managers and Serious Employers….

It’s January!

Ok, it’s a new year, Christmas is over, we’re refreshed, full of renewed energy and enthusiasm…but more than all of this – it’s the best time of year to find and engage new talent!

It’s at this time of year that senior executives and professionals (from all sectors, in all disciplines and industries, from all over #Ghana, Africa and the world!) are most focused on their potential for change, new opportunity, a career progression or a switch of employer.

Yet hardly any of them will describe themselves as active job seekers or even be applying for jobs!

Very few of them will be promoting their availability or be registered on over-hyped and futile job boards or advertising their interest on pointless Facebook and other social media platforms.

They are not making it known that they are “in the market” for a new role.

No. These top-talent executives and ideal candidates are “hidden”. They’re not visible. They’re not flirting with contingency agencies or “no-win-no-pay” recruiters that harvest CVs and just distribute them to their clients in exchange for an invoice and an impersonal, mediocre and shallow service.

These hidden candidates are biding their time, waiting for the right opportunity, the right new employer, the right chance. They’re waiting to be found.

This is the difference between recruitment and Executive Search (often referred to as #headhunting).

#DWR is not a recruitment agency. I don’t work on an amateurish contingency basis, and I don’t provide an amateurish service. I provide a professional, bespoke and effective #ExecutiveSearch service on a fee basis that assures the quality and results you need to develop your workforce and attract the top #Talent you rely on to grow, expand and prosper.

Contingency recruitment works on a “first-past-the-post” formula that depends on sending their clients loosely vetted CVs faster than their competitors in a race for a commission. They have no real interest in your business, your company’s culture or long-term plans. They have no time or financial motivation to develop a commitment to your needs. Because of their business model, they farm CVs and forward them on a mass scale in order to generate revenue with no regard for the quality of whoever those CVs relate to. It’s a gamble that rarely benefits the client in the long term (or even the short term in most cases!).

Conversely, Executive Search involves hunting the hidden market for the highest level of qualified candidate to fill the essential executive roles that are core to your business: Candidates who are not accessible via job boards, social pages or outdated recruiter databases. Hidden candidates – the hidden talent. The best calibre that only a professional Executive Search consultancy with 30+ years of experience and expertise can hunt for and provide.

So – consider the time of year. Consider your needs. Consider your approach. And consider your options: – Contingency Recruitment (Agency): A gamble. Or Executive Search (Headhunting): Quality results.

Contact DWR to arrange a meeting to discuss your company’s talent acquisition requirements and how to tackle them properly, cost effectively and professionally. Email: [email protected]

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For details on me, DWR, my services, the way I approach my work, and an explanation on the fee structure (heavily discounted for new clients during 2024!), please refer to the various articles in the DWR Newsletter, the DWR Executive Group page or my LinkedIn profile.

DWR Executive and Expatriate Search – Ghana, Nigeria & West Africa offers a bespoke, confidential and personalised service aimed at companies who take their recruitment needs seriously and understand the value of an outsourced provider of professional services.

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