Why use a Head-hunter instead of doing it yourself…?

To any business professional, experienced HR Executive, qualified #HRBP or competent #CEO this is a simple question to which they will already know the simple answer.

But I am still often asked why a company would chose to use an external provider of a specialist #recruitment service instead of doing it themselves. So, here is a quick explanation….

Professional Executive Search. #Outsourcing to an expert who deals on a daily basis with professional Executive Search is the only way to ensure that a recruitment campaign will be successful. Their continual exposure to screening and recruiting executive candidates makes using an external search firm highly effective at retaining and judging #talent. It is a wise and economical business-based decision. Generally speaking, most companies and #HR Departments do not have the time, the skills or the resources required to uncover the number of candidates necessary to form a fully effective shortlist of candidates to choose from: An external provider of professional #ExecutiveSearch does have the time, skills and resources! #DWR provides top-talent from across #Ghana, West Africa, the continent and globally.

Access to untapped top-notch executive talent. It is the job of an Executive Search consultant (often referred to as a #Headhunter) to connect your company to exceptional talent, and help make the process of adopting organisational change easier on your HR Department, your staff, funders, board members, and partners. Executive Search experts strategically target local, national or international talent to meet the needs of your organisation in any industry, sector or location. #DWR is based in Ghana but has access to the active and passive candidate marketplace – worldwide.

Objectivity. It can be very difficult for any company to detect inadequacies in their #workforce or management structure. Organisations generally have a difficult time judging what may be missing in their search strategy, job description, candidate pools, salary and benefits package. Many conflicts of interest will exist without an objective partner to help you. Search partners, like #DWR, offer exceptional objectivity and can inform your hiring committee as needed on industry trends, the market, and offer a non-biased outlook on executive candidates, their strengths, and shortcomings. By engaging #DWR, with its 33+ years’ of experience in sourcing superior talent and its intimate connection to Ghana and #WestAfrica, you will secure the level of executive talent you require to strengthen and support your organisation’s market presence, its aims and objectives.

Confidentiality. Executive Search firms thrive on the practice of confidentiality in dealings with their clients and executive candidates. In every executive search, there are many instances that require varying degrees of confidentiality. Without this practice, they would not be able to connect as many passive executive #JobSeekers to new opportunities on a daily basis or shortlist them for their clients with confidence and transparency. #DWR takes its client’s and candidate’s confidentiality, reputation and welfare very seriously at all times.

Guaranteed success. Executive Search firms are experts at matching candidate talent, motivation and passion to your company’s area of work and activity. Their work includes a candidate replacement guarantee (traditionally for 3 or 4 months but sometimes more by negotiation and a higher success fee) and they operate on a exclusive basis that assures the client 100% attention, 100% commitment and 100% professionalism. DWR Executive Search offers a bespoke, dedicated and cost-efficient service that achieves the highest level of success and satisfaction. Guaranteed!

Ultimately, professional Executive Search (or “#headhunting“) is a proven, reliable and efficient method of business practice utilised the world over by all industries, sectors and trades. It is the only way to attract the talent that very few company’s are capable of finding themselves. It is financially beneficial as well as a quicker and more successful route to acquiring people with the highest qualities in ability, experience and skill. Outsourcing your executive recruitment requirements to a professional provider is both the sensible and logical solution for companies that understand economics and who take their workforce development and future growth plans seriously.

Contact DWR to arrange a meeting to discuss your company’s talent acquisition requirements and how to tackle them properly, cost effectively and professionally. Email: [email protected]

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For details on me, DWR, my services, the way I approach my work, and an explanation on the fee structure (heavily discounted for new clients during 2024!), please refer to the various articles in the DWR Newsletter, the DWR Executive Group page or my LinkedIn profile.

DWR Executive and Expatriate Search – Ghana, Nigeria & West Africa offers a bespoke, confidential and personalised service aimed at companies who take their recruitment needs seriously and understand the value of an outsourced provider of professional services.

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